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Welcome to the Divine Coffee Store. We presently offer 7 different gourmet coffees from around the world. We offer the coffee beans in 2 1-lb bags, roasted or green (unroasted).

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Brazil Cerrado
$18.00 2 lbs.

Subtle nut and dry berry tones in the aroma, sweet in impression. In the cup silky and delicate, with a crisp but gently rounded acidity. 1-pound bags. Recommended: Medium

Colombian Excelso 17/18 $18.00 2 lbs.

Moderately acidy, medium to full bodied, sweet, rich, balanced, mid-toned. Not much nuance but a sturdy cup with a juicy tickle of cleanly fermented fruit. 1-pound bags. Recommended: Medium

light_coffee_beans2.jpg Ethiopian Yirgacheffe $18.00 2 lbs.

Has a distinct, bright acidity; medium bodied and almost sweet. You can sometimes detect sublime notes of blackcurrant flavors and aromas. 1-pound bags. Recommended: Light

Ethiopia Longberry Harrar $18.00 2 lbs.

Winey to fruit like acidity, rich aroma, and a heavy body. The best have an intense aroma of blueberries or blackberries. 1-pound bags. Recommended: Medium-Dark

Honduran Marcala EP $18.00 2 lbs.

Deep, roast-muted acidity, medium body, soft mouthfeel and straightforward flavors of molasses and nut-toned chocolate with a continued hint of dried fruit. 1-pound bags. Recommended: Medium

Java Estate Jampit
$18.00 2lbs.

A complex, nicely balanced coffee with mild acidity a pleasant malty aroma. Slightly sweet and nutty tending towards peanut or hazelnut. 1-pound bags. Recommended: Medium
Papua New Guinea Kimel A
$18.00 2 lbs.

Crisp and mildly spicy, full body and nutty chocolate overtones. Recommended: Medium Dark


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